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Welcome to 3uu Certification Authority

Welcome to 3uu Certification Authority. If you are looking to have your web browser trust our certificates, please install our root certificate.

SHA1 Fingerprint: 11:B6:2C:3B:ED:EB:08:E8:7C:8F:32:00:2C:BD:43:11:03:C0:94:EC
MD5 Fingerprint: 98:12:C2:F1:01:17:C6:29:A3:24:5B:F1:56:0A:2B:12


Mozilla 1.x, Firefox 0.x/1.x, Netscape 6/7:
 Tick all three options and than click "OK".

Internet Explorer 6:
 Choose "Open" and then "Install certificate...".

 Click "Import all".

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